Frequently asked questions

Why was Feed Safe made?

Breastfeeding is important. Breastfeeding offers all the nutrients your baby needs and is a convenient, perfect, first food for your baby. Breastfed babies enjoy a range of health benefits, and there are risks for children who are not breastfed, or breastfed for shorter periods of time. Read more here. The National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia (NHMRC) recommends mothers breastfeed exclusively for the first 6 months and to continue until 12 months of age and beyond, for as long as the mother and child desire.

The primary role of the Australian Breastfeeding Association is to provide mothers with practical mother-to-mother support and information, enabling them to establish and continue breastfeeding. There is evidence that alcohol consumption can be a factor in women choosing to wean their children earlier than they might otherwise do so. Feed Safe was developed to assist women in making the best decisions about alcohol and breastfeeding, by providing information based on the most current research and the official guidelines of the NHMRC. For those women who do choose to drink occasionally while breastfeeding, Feed Safe assists in doing this in the safest way possible, by helping women to understand when their breastmilk is free of alcohol.

Who made this app?

Feed Safe was developed by Becky White and James White, of Reach Health Promotion Innovations. The project was a collaborative partnership with the Australian Breastfeeding Association and Dr. Roslyn Giglia, a breastfeeding researcher at Curtin University, Western Australia. The app is based on the brochure Alcohol and breastfeeding: A guide for mothers developed by the Australian Breastfeeding Association and Dr. Roslyn Giglia in 2011. Feed Safe for Android was made possible with the generous support of Gramercy Studios.

Is Feed Safe available in...

Feed Safe is available in Australia and New Zealand. In each country it is based on official local guidelines, uses standard local alcohol measures, and is released in collaboration with a trusted health service provider - the Australian Breastfeeding Association, and WellSouth Primary Health Network respectively. If you would like to be able to access an app like Feed Safe in your own country, please express your interest.

Can I suggest a feature?

Yes! If there's something that Feed Safe doesn't currently do, and you think it should, please let us know.

Can I report a bug?

If you're having difficulty with Feed Safe, or you think you've found a bug, please report this from inside the app. Tap the "settings and information" button and scroll down to "send feedback or report a problem". Contacting us this way will provide us with some basic, anonymous information about the version of the app you're using and the kind of device you're using it on, which will help us to track down the problem.
Feed Safe collects no personal information about you, or the way you use the app. Your height, weight, and drinks consumed are stored only on your device. We do collect anonymous, aggregated usage data to help us track how often Feed Safe is being used, and on what types of devices.